Thursday, July 23, 2015

DXTory .avi videos crashed in Sony Vegas Pro- Fixed

Summary: If you want to import DXTory AVI to Sony Vegas Pro for editing without crashing or any other issues, a good suggestion is to convert DXTory AVI to Sony Vegas more friendly format. Learn details.

I am recording a gameplay with DXTory and I feel no lag at all when recording from the game. The videos are saved as .avi and play fine in VLC. But when I’m trying to get DXTory AVI to Sony Vegas Pro for further editing, it seems to crash Vegas almost every time! I tried to include as much info as I can and finally got some clues.

So DXTory has 2 file types, .avi or just raw. I basically prefer the AVI format. Searching the DXTory AVI to Sony Vegas issues, some guys give their suggestions. One is to install codec packs as Sony Vegas Pro lacks the support for DXTory .avi files. But I don't believe uninstalling it will help as Sony's codecs have already been over written. So I didn’t adopt the way.

Another common solution is to convert DXTory .avi to something more Vegas friendly like MPEG-2, which ensures the best results when using in Vegas Pro. I tired the method with the help of a third-party video converter. It works perfectly. I now can work my DXTory AVI videos in Sony Vegas Pro flawlessly. Here are the details.

First download Brorsoft Video Converter, an easy-to-use yet powerful high-quality video converter, player and editor. With it, I can effortlessly transcode DXTory .avi files for smoothly editing in Sony Vegas Pro 10/11/12/13. If you're editing DXTory .avi movie with Sony Vegas as well as Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere Pro, Windows Movie Maker, Pinnacle Studio, chances are you already installed this great utility. If not, download it now and learn the step-by-step instruction.

So, what does the workflow look like?

1. Install and launch the DXTory AVI to Sony Vegas Converter, and then click "Add Video" button to import .avi files.

2. Click "Format" bar to determine output format. Follow "Adobe Premiere/Sony Vegas" and select "MPEG-2(*.mpg)" as the output format. Besides, you can also choose WMV (VC-1) (*.wmv) if you want to get a relatively smaller output file.

Tips: In case the default settings do not fit your requirement, you can click "Settings" button and enter "Profile Settings" panel to adjust video size, bit rate, frame rate, sample rate and audio channels.

3. Click Convert button to start transcoding DXTory AVI to MPEG-2 for Sony Vegas Pro.

Once the conversion completes, you can click "Open" to find the .mpg videos which can be directly imported to Sony Vegas Pro 11/12/13. You've done.

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